Frugal Friday

May 23, 2008 at 07:55 am 3 comments

Yesterday I discovered a great little used-bookstore. I had known about this bookstore years ago but a friend discouraged me from shopping there because they supposedly didn’t organize the books into categories. I did not care to rifle through hundreds of romance novels to find one good book so I never bothered to check it out. (I suppose this friend wanted to keep this little secret all to herself) 😉

I’ve never really cared to shop at used bookstores, preferring to shop at the mega bookstores while sipping a tall Mocha. But in the last couple of years our financial situation has changed drastically, and I can no longer justify spending the money on full-price books. So I was excited when a friend told me about this little used-bookstore…that they did organize and have general categories for their books AND that I could swap my old books for new-to-me books!

Yesterday I invited myselfshe showed me around the place and told me how it works. She had even traded some old books of mine that were being donated to the thrift store to get me credit to shop! YAY! So I spent that credit, came home got Dearest, packed up more books to swap, went back (sipping on my mocha I had made at home) and swapped and got more books!

Every used book-store is different I’m sure, but our Book Cellar gives you store credit for every book you bring in. They “pay” you 1/2 of what they can sell the book for. You in turn can buy more books with your credit. It is unlike a consignment store in that you don’t have to wait until your items sell to get your credit.

As an added bonus they have FREE books that they can’t sell sitting outside under a covered walk-way! We went through those boxes and came away with several really good books and magazines.

I can tell you I will be making more trips to the Book Cellar! I’ve got boxes of books in our closets that we no longer want/need.

So I encourage you to check out YOUR local used-bookstore and see what gems you can find.

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  • 1. sarah mae  |  May 23, 2008 at 10:55 am

    I love little used bookstores! In the one we have here you get a free cup of delicious flavored coffee when you buy anything. I always trade in my old books for her used ones-it’s great!

    I’ll have to suggest that 😉

  • 2. FourHisGlory  |  May 23, 2008 at 12:28 pm

    Can’t wait to hear about the other goodies you found.

    The high school book you found for me is great!

    We will have to meet there again.

    I’m glad I found a keeper for ya! 🙂 When I went back later in the afternoon I found 3 more! Give me a call when you go thrift store/bookstore shopping. I had fun!

  • 3. Lula  |  May 23, 2008 at 02:15 pm

    We have one called McKays and it is very nice.

    Lula, yes! We’ve been to McKays…I would like to go more often. I have never “swapped” there however, so am unsure as to how it works. It can be somewhat overwhelming…It is bigger I think than Books-A-Million!


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