Moving the furniture around

May 8, 2008 at 06:20 pm Leave a comment

You probably have noticed that I changed my theme…For those of you that know me really well, you know that when I get depressed, bored, ill, ornery, discontent etc. I like to move my furniture around. My blog is no different. 🙂 So you all will likely see my theme change many more times just like my home in which no room stays the same for over a month.

I guess I took an unintentional blog hiatus as I did not post for a week. We have been extremely busy and then when I sat down to post everything came out sounding off…(Forgive me but I do have those days…I have not yet arrived at perfection…Almost but not quite 😉 ) Maybe it was the lack of sleep. Baby Girl quit sleeping through the night. Or maybe it was feeling overwhelmed with our school schedule. I guess it could have been for no reason at all. I have been known to get out of shape and not really know why!?

Anyway, that explains the new theme # ___ (I lost count) and now you’ll know why the theme might be different a month from now 🙂


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Quit Wasting Food I found it!

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